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vbox5.2 branch create-virtualbox-repo

Posted: 19. Oct 2019, 13:12
by stes
Because VirtualBox 5.2 packages can also be loaded into a repository, there is a special GIT branch to follow the 5.2.x series on ... lbox-repo/

There's for the moment 2 branches:

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# git branch -v
  master  1a7559e Update for VirtualBox 6.0.14
* vbox5.2 f7b756b Update for 5.2.34
The branch "vbox5.2" follows the VirtualBox 5.2 releases, and additional branches can be created.

The 5.2 branch can be used to create databases (repositories) with the binaries of the 5.2 packages:

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local     virtualbox/guest/vboxguest                      5.2.34-133893:20191019T110309Z
local     virtualbox/guest/vboxguest                      5.2.29-130064:20190418T145609Z
When loading the 5.2 packages in a database (repo) and pointing "publisher" info on the guests to that repo (database) it is possible to update to the latest 5.2 release.