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Linux VDI images download

Postby cmgeorge » 12. Jul 2007, 13:57

At you can find installed VDI images ready to run for easy tests in VirtualBox.
I don't now if it is a good idea to offer installed images, but if it is, pleas tell me what distributions would you like to find there.
Also i think is a good idea to upload Alfa & Beta releases to can be easily to test.

Pleas let us know if is a good idea to let this page up or not.
(sorry for ads... but the bandwidth and space have costs :) )

MOD Edit: This link seems to be dead. Post will need to be refreshed or deleted.
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Postby useche » 28. Jan 2008, 00:22

It is actually a good idea.

I think it would be great to have a Gentoo image.
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Postby Technologov » 28. Jan 2008, 10:26

Yes, it is good idea, as long as someone can handle the cost of maintaining it.
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Postby veedee-Eyes » 28. Jan 2008, 17:58 Pre-Installed Open Source Operating Systems

200,000 + Virtual Images Served
(Note: 12/22/2014 200,001 VirtualBoxImages downloaded and booted !! Thank you for all your support
(Note:10/23/2013) 120,800 VirtualBoxImages downloaded and booted !! Woot!!
(Note: 09/29/2011) 60,000 VirtualBoxImages downloaded and booted !!
(Note: 04/02/2010) 30,000 VirtualBoxImages downloaded and booted !!

At the request of an associate developer, we are making the "Open Source Operating Systems" available for download.

Each system is "Clean and Untouched" once the install boots to a functional level including GuestAdditions where necessary. Any modifications to the original installation are noted in the Build Notes.

For now we have posted the images as torrents until we find mirrors willing to host the files.

Most of the images we have functioning are from LiveCD's and we will be posting them soon.

You can follow my Twitter to get up to date information on new releases.
veeDee-Eyes web site.

Facebook: ... 8329313110
Google+ Community: ... 6193235251

(In a world without fences or walls, who needs Gates and Windows?)

Thank You.
Feedback welcome.
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Postby LinearX » 31. Jan 2008, 10:17

I always thought this would be a good idea!

I can let friends test drive alternative operating systems very easily this way. I was having some strangeness in getting Ubuntu to recognize VBox's video properly, yet it works fine in the ready-made VDI. Go figure?
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Postby Vadi » 18. Feb 2008, 19:39

Thanks for the images guys, shaves off extra time :)
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Postby Vadi » 19. Feb 2008, 04:56

I can't seem to be able to install virtualbox addons on the fluxbuntu one (adminuser with the username). Are they already installed or?
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Postby jazzbo55 » 11. Mar 2008, 01:39

i downloaded 2 of your vids,but cannot open,either one

it asks for sudix user/password??

also I cannot mount your simplymepis

keep getting “no bootable medium found”, when insert linux distros on CD
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Postby Technologov » 17. Jun 2008, 23:33

Those of you, who wanna try KDE4.1 beta-testing, there are daily updated images for VBox available !

KDE4Daily Virtual Image: ... here_Is_It

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Postby intr44uris » 24. Nov 2008, 15:32

The Fedora 7 should be updated. We have 9 already ;)
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Postby Technologov » 25. Nov 2008, 15:04

Fedora9 is very buggy - it uses BETA version of Xorg which conflicts with VBox.
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Postby windstory » 2. Jan 2009, 08:22

Could you please make centos 5's VDI at ""?

I had several problemm at centos 5, so if possible I want to study from VDI.
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Postby lugoteehalt » 25. Jan 2009, 16:43

Could have sworn there was a GeexBox multimedia vdi here. Am I going smegmatic or what?
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Re: Linux VDI images download

Postby gangadhar » 12. Mar 2009, 17:25

Hi Guys...
Can i get [ User warned, we do NOT allow requests for licensed software ] to run...on virtual box....

Eagerly waiting for replies..... :shock:
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Re: Linux VDI images download

Postby mmoo9154 » 7. Jun 2009, 01:19

It looks like the images have been static for a while. If someone can post (or post a link to) instructions or even vague guidelines for the construction of these images, I'd love to contribute.

I'm building a piping fresh Ubuntu 9.04 image as soon as I hit "submit". ;)

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