Any news on when bridged networking will make it to the Mac?

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Any news on when bridged networking will make it to the Mac?

Postby schwartzw » 17. Jun 2008, 19:23

I want to move a bunch of vm's from parallels to VB but really need bridged networking. I've heard it's on the todo list but haven't heard a status in a while.

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Postby screw69 » 18. Jun 2008, 03:32

...that's one of the most important features missing, particularly since many *ix operating systems could mount shared home directories over NFS, thus considerably reducing space and backup requirements of the virtual machine images.

Postby Son of a Beach » 11. Jul 2008, 03:02

This is the one feature that I need to keep Parallels around for. VERY frustrating that it is taking soooo long for VB to implement this in the Mac OS X version. :(
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Postby Eberbachl » 23. Jul 2008, 04:09

This is a hugely important feature.

The last remaining feature that would make Virtual Box really usable for me.
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Bridging is now supported:

Postby Jack Hawkins » 6. Aug 2008, 23:07

From VB 1.6.2 User Guide:

6.5 Introduction to Host Interface Networking (HIF)
With Host Interface Networking, VirtualBox creates a new networking interface in software on the host computer. This new software interface will then exist in parallel to your regular interfaces (e.g., on a Linux host vbox0 will exist alongside eth0). When a guest is using such a new software interface, it looks to the host system as though the guest were physically connected to the interface using a network cable: the host can send data to the guest through that interface and receive data from it. This means that you can set up routing or bridging between the guest and the rest of your network.

Network bridging is one of the simplest ways to use Host Interface Networking. Bridging allows you to connect several network devices together in software, so that data sent to one of the devices will be sent to all of them. For our purposes, this means that virtual machines can send packages through the host’s network card, using their own network hardware address, and receive packages sent to it. Other computers on your network will see your guests as though they were physically connected to the network. You will need wired (Ethernet) network hardware on the host for this as most current wireless network devices do not support bridging.
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Bridged networking on mac OS X

Postby youngde » 7. Aug 2008, 16:40

I'm confused. Reading the VB 1.6.4 user guide, I see the quoted sections mentioned above, but there's no entry for Mac OSX in section 6. I see only Windows, Linux, and OpenSolaris.

So, is HIF supported on Mac OSX hosts or not? If so, is there a setup tutorial for it? Thanks.

-- david
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Postby m@riposa » 7. Aug 2008, 17:19

It is not yet supported in the released version.
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ETA for HIF?

Postby c123 » 13. Aug 2008, 13:32

Any news on when this is likely to be done?

Very disapointed that there is a new release (1.6.4) and it's not part of it.
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Postby m@riposa » 13. Aug 2008, 16:38

Below are two screenshots. The first shows the new Qt4-GUI of VirtualBox.

The second one shows the new settings dialog. As you can see there (and as you can see in the SVN-timeline), host interface networking is already implemented in the SVN-version.

But please mind, that I did not test whether it works or not. But it seems quite obvious that it does :)
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Postby amagine » 14. Aug 2008, 07:42

Very nice!

I am very impressed by the UI on the Mac, feels just like home!

Thanks for the update!

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Postby h1d » 14. Aug 2008, 08:52

can't wait :)
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Postby Son of a Beach » 14. Aug 2008, 12:51

Finally... I might be able to get rid of Parallels at last! :)
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Postby enka » 28. Oct 2008, 12:00


Is there now a bridging mode in VirtualBox 2.x?
I've see here:
it seems to be OK but it's not writed in the doc.

Thank you for your answer
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Postby teuteuguy » 23. Dec 2008, 13:40

Any news on this since 2.1.0 ?
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Postby Son of a Beach » 23. Dec 2008, 23:46

It's working fine for me now. Some people have had issues with it (including me), but once you get it working, it's good to go! :-)
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