Accessing shared folder in Solaris guest

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Accessing shared folder in Solaris guest

Postby salmanjamali » 30. Apr 2008, 03:28


I have to read/write to a shared folder in my Windows Host. My guest OS is Solaris XDE. I read the following post about how this can be done in Ubuntu, and I think I can't apply the same to Solaris. ... are+folder

Please helpp!
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Postby sean_oquin » 29. May 2008, 06:57


I assume you are using VB 1.6 and according to the documentation (pdf page 57)

Note: Please note that Shared Folders are not yet available for Solaris guests.

Solution (sucky): I created a DVD-R/W with the files I wanted to transfer over and then mounted the DVD drive.
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Postby bleonard » 9. Sep 2008, 15:59

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