Mouse pointer integration problems

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Mouse pointer integration problems

Postby djsmith » 25. Apr 2008, 13:38

I hope someone can help with this.
I have trawled the forums and tried many things but no luck so far.

I have SLEDsp1 running Virtual Box sles 1.5.6
Have installed Virtual Box successfully, USB is installed, fstab is set up for auto load of vboxdrv
WinXP installs fine
Only problem is that I cannot get the mouse pointer to work in the WinXP guest.
The keyboard works, but the mouse pointer will not integrate. Also the 'right cntrl' host key doesn't seem to have any effect.

I have pressed the 'install guest additions', selected the guest additions iso, reloaded virtual box, reloaded the WinXP guest, am running out of ideas, wondered if anyone else is still having problems with this or whether any fresh fixes out there.
Would be grateful for any feedback.
Thanks in advance

Dave Smith
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Postby RegistrationSUCKS » 25. Apr 2008, 20:08

I have similar issues, but no real solution.

I found that if you disable complex characters in the System->Admin->Language support, that it will work. (This might require a reboot)

I have also had success by running it as:
ssh -XC localhost VirtualBox

Someone else suggested that disabling Keyboard Auto Capture in the VirtualBox Prferences helps, but this didn't help me.

If you figure something out please post it. I would love to have this working agian.
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Postby djsmith » 25. Apr 2008, 21:02

Thanks, I will try those workarounds and see if they help, and if I find anything else to work will make sure I post it.
Thanks again

Best Regards

Dave Smith
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