List of oresented Virtual Hardware anywhere?

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List of oresented Virtual Hardware anywhere?

Postby MPvDdB » 18. Jun 2007, 21:02

I am trying to move my existing Innotek OS/2 Virtual PC's onto Virtual Box,

First let me thank Innotek once again for the OS/2 - eComstation Virtual PC they created many years ago and has served me very well.

Time to move on to Virtual Box, because Virtual Box can also be hosted on Linux whereas Connectix the original makers of the Virtual PC product were sold to Microsoft so that is Windows host only now.

I managed to get the existing VPC's from the Virtual PC .VHD drives onto the Virtual Box .VDI hard drives by exporting them to Acronis True Image, booting Acronis in Virtual Box from CD and then reading them from a DVD.

They boot and work, but sometimes they are complaining about some of the drivers being incorrectly installed. So I am trying to better that with standard Windows procedures.

A list about what Virtual Hardware Virtual Box presents to the guest OS (whichever is the current OS of duty I suppose this list is the same) might come in handy for that. I did not find such a list anywhere, but perhaps I did not search thoroughly enough. Does anybody know about such a list?
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Postby jruschme » 20. Jun 2007, 18:38

A partial list based on the outputs of a NetBSD dmesg and Win2K Device Manager:

CPU: same as host
VESA-compilant video card
Intel 82371SB (PIIX3) IDE Interface rev 0x00
AMD Am79c973 PCnet-FAST III ethernet card
OHCI-compliant USB 1.1 interface with 8-port hub
Intel 82801AA sound card (AC'97)
ACPI-compliant power management

The rest seems to be pretty much standard hardware.
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Postby michael » 28. Jun 2007, 12:56

The following might be of interest to you:
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