Windows 98 very slow

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Windows 98 very slow

Postby cdahmedeh » 13. Feb 2009, 21:22


I have installed a Windows 98 as a Guest. I've also installed Rain and the video driver for 32-bit mode. However, I've noticed that performance in Windows 98 is very slow. It is much faster in Windows XP. How is such problem fixed ?


Specifications :
Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10 Linux Kernel 2.6.27-11-generic
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Postby Eck » 13. Feb 2009, 21:40

As far as my experience goes, you can't fix the slowness due to the 16 Bit instructions native to the MS-DOS based OS's.

VMWare (Server 1, Player, Workstation) has always found a way to cater to this and runs 9x OS's fine. Server and Player are free to use and sites like easyvmx can help you create a drive and vmx file in order to install 9x. Workstation is pay for but you can use it temporarily on a trial basis to see if it serves your needs. Workstation includes all you need so you wouldn't need to use easyvmx, etc.

VMWare also has Guest Tools for 98SE, so your video and mouse will be taken care of, but Shared Folder support is not included for 9x. And you'd need to download your audio driver from Creative. Get the WDM update for the SB16PCI or the SBPCI128 models and also download the wave sets (EAPCI2M.ECW, EAPCI4M.ECW, and EAPCI8M.ECW) and put them in your Windows or Windows\System folder so you can switch to more than the 2MB set the driver includes using Device Manager.

VirtualBox will work on 9x but really too slow to do much.
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Postby Sasquatch » 19. Feb 2009, 12:34

Check the Windows Guests forum. There is a sticky that tells how to get Win9x running in VB with some decent performance.
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Postby stefan.becker » 19. Feb 2009, 13:08

Same as in every Post: Rain doesnt give the guest more performance.

Rain and other tools like this only patch an old WinDOS Problem. Even if the guest does nothing, cpu has 100 %. This is because of the old task scheduling of WinDOS Kernels.

Windows with NT Kernels (NT 4, 2k, XP, Vista etc.) has a modern task scheduling.

The bad performance of WinDOS in VBOX has 2 reasons: No guest additions for better video performance and much 16 Bit code in WinDOS.

An XP always is the buest solution as a Guest.
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Re: Windows 98 very slow

Postby borrows123 » 6. May 2010, 11:54

Win 98 is older version and XP is much better then that..
That is from the new generation....
So no need to worry about your system or from the window...
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