Vista crashing running VirtualBox

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Vista crashing running VirtualBox

Postby dave.lee » 16. Dec 2008, 17:59


I'm running Vista Home SP1 on my Toshiba L350D. I am running the OpenSolaris 2008.11 LiveCD and trying to create a VM using VirtualBox 2.0.6.
Edit: The LiveCD works as I installed it on two Sunfire boxes prior to doing this.
During the mounting of the live image, Vista crashes due to an apparent graphic card issue.

Here's my steps:
1. Create a new virtual disk and allocate a fixed 6GB
2. Insert OpenSolaris 2008.11 LiveCD
3. Create a new virtual machine w/ OpenSolaris OS type, 1024 MB ram, and using my virtual disk I created in step 1.
4. Mounted the CD/DVD drive
5. Start the virtual machine

While the LiveCD is running at the '........' screen, the laptop display goes black (but you can still see and move the mouse cursor) and Vista eventually crashes.

Has anyone else experienced this? Can anyone please provide some guidance? I haven't been able to successfully run any VM cleanly and successfully using VirtualBox.

Trying to keep the faith :(
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Postby Joerg78 » 17. Dec 2008, 22:52

Similar symptoms here with HP 6715b, Vista (32 bit) as host and Ubuntu as guest. Seems to be an issue with the x1250 graphics card (or its driver).
Try to enable AMD-V, this should fix the issue.

Edit: Opened ticket ->
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Postby dave.lee » 18. Dec 2008, 16:55

Hi Joerg78.

Thanks for your reply. I tried enabling the AMD-V in the virtual machine's settings, but still have the same issue.

I guess I'll download VB 2.1.0 and give it a shot ... wishful thinking I guess.
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Virtualbox on vista host trying to install Ubuntu 8.10

Postby nextage » 19. Dec 2008, 15:46

I have the same problem of kernel panic , the worst thing is that I must switch off the computer because also vista stops to work.
The pc is an hp 6910p T8100 with x3100 video card, the first time I tried to install Ubuntu on virtualbox it looks like if it has a problem with ACPI , now it stops just after the language selection both for english or italian, doesn't matter which language you chose it doesn't work anyway. :evil:
Vista is the an enterprise professional edition.
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Postby sandervl » 4. Feb 2009, 11:00

The problem has been found and fixed. The upcoming 2.1.4 release will contain the bugfix.
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Postby Joerg78 » 4. Feb 2009, 11:41

Great, thanks a lot! You're doing a great job :D

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