Anfrage Parallel Port ( LPT Anschluss ) Question about LPT

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Anfrage Parallel Port ( LPT Anschluss ) Question about LPT

Postby StefanJ » 25. Nov 2008, 12:06

Hi, ich betreibe VB auf einen Windows Host. Als GAST System ist WIN98 installiert. Ich möchte mit dem GAST System einen "alten" aber noch gut funktionierenden Scanner (LPT-Anschluß) ansteuern.
In der ini Datei des Gastes, hab ich schon gesehen, das es wahrscheinlich bald möglich sein wird, in GAST Systemen LPT Schnittstellen an zu steuern. Nur wann ?

Hi, I run VB on a Windows host. GUEST is WIN98 system installed. I wish to connect with the guest system an "old" but still well-functioning scanner (LPT port) interface.
In the ini file of the guest, I've already seen, which makes it likely soon will be able to Guest systems LPT interfaces to control them. Only when?

Here are the line from the Guest.xml
- <LPT>
<Port slot="0" enabled="false" IOBase="0x378" IRQ="4" />
<Port slot="1" enabled="false" IOBase="0x378" IRQ="4" />

Gruß / Cheers

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Postby rzorn » 26. Dec 2008, 11:58

Hi Stefan,

I just wanted to support your request. I am in the same situation.

I tried a workaround by having the host printer as a share (Freigabe) and then connect from the guest by the VirtualBox hostinterface: (Host: Win XP, Guest: Win2000)

1. I set up the hostinterface adapters on the host and the guest as described in the manual.

2. I create a user 'printuser' on the host who has not much more rights than use the printer.

3. Then I issue the following command in a cmd window on the guest machine:

net use lpt2: \\$HOSTNAME\$PRINTER-SHARE-NAME $PRINTUSER-PASSWORD /user:printuser /persistent:yes

4. Then the host printer can be found via the Network Neigborhood icon in the guest's Windows and installed like any network printer. Interestingly, it is not necessary to install the printer via LPT2:.

This workaround has several drawbacks:

1. Starting the VM takes much longer. Because the VirtualBox hostinterface is based on virtual ethernet controllers it is just like switching them on physically - they have to negotiate IP addresses etc.

2. Obviously Win 2000 cannot store the password. (Win 2000's net use does ont have the /savecred option.) So any time I start the VM I have to re-enter it.

3. It is a terible heck of work to get a trivial result - a parallel printer working in the VM.

So ceterum censeo: I would prefer to have an LPT1: looped through the host's LPT1:.

All the best,
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