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Windows server 2008 64-bit locks up

Posted: 27. May 2024, 22:44
by Purehenry

Noob trying to figure out why my VM locks up after running for ~3 or 4 hours. I am running Virtualbox 7.0 on a Windows 11 Pro host machine. I've been playing with the VM settings, which has helped the VM boot faster and run generally better, it continues to 'crash' or 'lock up'. What I mean is the VM looks normal, but is unresponsive, and the activity monitor shows the guest OS is at 100%. I'm willing to read up if pointed to the required material. This is a new part of my job as a technician. I'm attempting to rebuild VM's that were lost when a server failed. That system was using Vsphere ESXi. I added the log files as well. I don't really understand what I'm looking for in there. The log appears, to me, show the VM being reset before becoming unresponsive. I can't tell why that happens, or if its even important. One last thing, I did see the message about it being in snail mode, and I did look up how to disable HyperV on windows. After disabling HyperV and all its components, I believe anyway, the VM continues to lock up. Thank you for your time and patience.

Re: Windows server 2008 64-bit locks up

Posted: 28. May 2024, 22:43
by multiOS
Both of the files provided show the same issue. This from the HuskyBlackStone_HMI01-2024-04-24-10-15-11.log
00:00:03.925340 HM: HMR3Init: Attempting fall back to NEM: VT-x is not available
00:00:03.934401 NEM: info: Found optional import WinHvPlatform.dll!WHvQueryGpaRangeDirtyBitmap.
00:00:03.934401 NEM: info: Found optional import vid.dll!VidGetHvPartitionId.
00:00:03.934401 NEM: info: Found optional import vid.dll!VidGetPartitionProperty.
00:00:03.934401 NEM: WHvCapabilityCodeHypervisorPresent is TRUE, so this might work...

00:00:03.935362 NEM: NEMR3Init: Snail execution mode is active!
00:00:03.935362 NEM: Note! VirtualBox is not able to run at its full potential in this execution mode.
00:00:03.935362 NEM: To see VirtualBox run at max speed you need to disable all Windows features
00:00:03.935362 NEM: making use of Hyper-V. That is a moving target, so google how and carefully
00:00:03.935362 NEM: consider the consequences of disabling these features.
00:00:03.935363 NEM:
00:00:03.935373 CPUM: No hardware-virtualization capability detected
So it appears that your efforts to disable Hyper-V and or the hypervisor feature which powers Virtual-based Security (VBS) haven't worked so far, and you should still the Green Turtle Icon amongst the VirtualBox Icons at the bottom of the VM screen which warns that Virtualbox does not have direct access the VT-x hardware virtualisation support. That Icon will turn to a Blue 'V' if/when that direct access exists.

As it appears that your system is severely affected when attempting to run VirtualBox with Hyper-V and/or VBS active, all I can suggest is that you work carefully through the Forum Guide - viewtopic.php?t=99390. My "wild guess" would be that the cause is the activation of one or more of the VBS features, e.g. Memory Integrity.

Re: Windows server 2008 64-bit locks up

Posted: 20. Jun 2024, 22:27
by Purehenry
Thank you multiOS!

I followed the forum guide and found an article online, which did finally get me out of snail mode. My VM's run with out error. :D

Re: Windows server 2008 64-bit locks up

Posted: 21. Jun 2024, 16:03
by multiOS
Thanks for reporting back. Glad you've got things working.