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Link error on build Virtualbox 7.0.18 on Openindiana

Posted: 16. May 2024, 18:58
by carba
I had to replace all 'so' strings with 'zo', otherwise I got the error:
"You can't post image, email or url links that are external to this domain."

If I try to build VirtualBox for Openindiana I get an link error related Qt5 libraries.

On linking command VirtualBox

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ld: warning: file libQt5DBus.zo.5: required by /code/github/oi-userland/components/sysutils/virtualbox/build/amd64/out/solaris.amd64/release/bin/UICommon.zo, not found
ld: warning: file libQt5Xml.zo.5: required by /code/github/oi-userland/components/sysutils/virtualbox/build/amd64/out/solaris.amd64/release/bin/UICommon.zo, not found
ld: warning: file libQt5Help.zo.5: required by /code/github/oi-userland/components/sysutils/virtualbox/build/amd64/out/solaris.amd64/release/bin/UICommon.zo, not found
If I check with ldd

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$ ldd out/solaris.amd64/release/obj/UICommon/UICommon.zo
        libQt5X11Extras.zo.5 =>  (file not found)
        libQt5DBus.zo.5 =>       (file not found)
        libQt5Xml.zo.5 =>        (file not found)
        libQt5Core.zo.5 =>       (file not found)
        libQt5Gui.zo.5 =>        (file not found)
        libQt5Widgets.zo.5 =>    (file not found)
        libQt5Help.zo.5 =>       (file not found)
How can I fix the kBuild scripts in a proper way to add the QT5_LIB_PATH to runpath? 'ldd -s' shows that this is missing:

search path=/opt/VirtualBox/amd64:/usr/gcc/13/lib/amd64 (RUNPATH/RPATH from file out/solaris.amd64/release/obj/UICommon/)