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Lineage Android Issues.

Posted: 15. May 2024, 19:23
by Jazz1
Hi and thanks in advance.
I am running Lineage Android in VirtualBox on a Windows System.

I am having 2 main issues.
I can not get mouse integration to work for me.
I have to manually click to get in and R-ctrl to get out.

I can not get Copy/paste to work even though BiDirectional is selected in the VB settings.

Any and all help appreciated

All software is updated to latest Ver as of writing.

Re: Lineage Android Issues.

Posted: 15. May 2024, 19:38
by multiOS
Both of those features are only supported if the Guest Additions 'add-on' is installed in the VM, but there is no Guest Additions installation available for 'Android'. The VirtualBox Development Team only provides Guest Additions for officially supported Guest Operating Systems