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Saving machine state hangs

Posted: 16. Apr 2024, 09:25
by Tom from Amsterdam
I recently installed VirtualBox 7.0.14 on Windows 10 and am running a single Linux Mint VM on it (version 21.3). Since last week, I can no longer save the machine state or properly shut down the VM. When I save the machine state, the progress bar goes from 0 to 100 % in about 15 seconds and then freezes at 100 %. Only way to stop the VM is via the task manager. A similar behavior can be seen, when I try to shut down the VM.
Saving the machine state worked fine the first two weeks, the VM was in use. I cannot tell, if has been any incident on my computer, which might have caused the issue.

Already tried the following:

1. Reboot the VM
2. Restarted VirtualBox Manager
3. Rebooted the host.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Re: Saving machine state hangs

Posted: 17. Apr 2024, 11:14
by arQon
Just to cover the Blindingly Obvious case first, do you have enough disk space left and permission to write to it there?

Re: Saving machine state hangs

Posted: 17. Apr 2024, 14:47
by Tom from Amsterdam
Thanks for your reply. I have more that 80 GB free on my disk and I can see a file being created in C:\...\VirtualBox VMs\Linux Mint\Snapshots.

Yesterday, all of a sudden, it started working again. Will monitor it for a while.