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How to boot from ISO on UEFI systems

Posted: 3. Mar 2024, 00:33
by MarkFoley
I have a Linux host running VirtualBox 7.0.14. I want to boot from a Windows 11 ISO. I cannot boot from the actual DVD drive as this ISO is +6G and won't go on a normal DVD.

In Settings > Storage > Storage Devices > DVD icon, I clicked that and under Attributes > Optical Drive, I selected "Choose a disk file ..." and browsed to the ISO image.

In Settings > System > Boot Order I selected Optical as the first selection. I then started the VM, but it came up with the normal Windows guest, not the DVD.

In searching for this on the web the instructions include pressing actual keys on the physical keyboard of the Linux VM host. I am trying to do this from a remote location. Is that not possible?

Re: How to boot from ISO on UEFI systems

Posted: 4. Mar 2024, 22:43
by fth0
Settings > System > Boot Order is only used by the VirtualBox legacy BIOS. When using the VirtualBox UEFI BIOS, you either automatically get to the (U)EFI Shell and then type "exit<cr>" (if the UEFI BIOS doesn't boot from the virtual hard disk), or you press the ESC key very early during boot. In both cases, you'll enter the UEFI Boot Manager and then have to manually select the appropriate device and boot file.