Capslock Toggling when Selecting VM

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Capslock Toggling when Selecting VM

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Haven't touched my Vm for about 5 months, had to load it up today for A project I was doing and when I toggled over to it it would press my Cap lock Down or up depending on if caps lock was selected on my Main PC. What I mean is If my caps lock was On in the Vm but not on my main PC when I clicked into the Vm It would then trigger my actual Caps lock on my keyboard to trigger it's very noticeable with a flashing light, And vis versa where if it was Off on one it would then force the other one off. if they were both off then there would be No change.

I don't remember this being A thing the entire time I've used this vm, It was always either on or off on either the PC or the VM and never actually triggering the Caps lock key itself. This is kind of annoying as I often times Bind caps lock as my Default push to talk key for discord or sometimes A certain key action in games. I need the Vm to stop this interaction with the actual key and just have caps lock on or off normally without forcing the cap lock button itself to activate
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Re: Capslock Toggling when Selecting VM

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