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Debian won't Start

Posted: 4. Dec 2023, 21:53
by nattdecodes
I got this error when booting Debian on Oracle Vm. I allocated 4GB ram, 1 CPU and 20GB disk space to it, how can i fix this? (i'm new to VMs btw)

Re: Debian won't Start

Posted: 4. Dec 2023, 22:13
by scottgus1
00:00:10.861394 VMMDev: Guest Log: BIOS: Booting from CD-ROM...
00:00:10.915624 Display::i_handleDisplayResize: uScreenId=0 pvVRAM=0000000000000000 w=720 h=400 bpp=0 cbLine=0x0 flags=0x0 origin=0,0
00:00:10.976601 Display::i_handleDisplayResize: uScreenId=0 pvVRAM=000002e5ec170000 w=640 h=480 bpp=24 cbLine=0x780 flags=0x0 origin=0,0
00:00:10.977270 Changing the VM state from 'RUNNING' to 'GURU_MEDITATION'
00:00:10.977325 Console: Machine state changed to 'Stuck'
00:00:57.497553 /Devices/IDE0/ATA1/Unit0/ReadBytes 413696 bytes
Looks like the VM's guru meditated shortly after reading data from the install ISO but before doing anything with it, if I read correctly.

Also , FWIW, RAM is overprovisioned:
00:00:07.136108 Host RAM: 7945MB (7.7GB) total, 3055MB (2.9GB) available
00:00:07.278817 RamSize <integer> = 0x0000000000400000 (4 194 304, 4.0 MiB)
Check the ISO to see that it was downloaded correctly. Also try a different Linux ISO or a Windows ISO, as a test.

Also try this ISO skipping the unattended installation; do a manual install, see what happens.