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connect two vms on two computers

Posted: 22. Sep 2023, 20:05
by JimSnipes
I have two computers each with Virtualbox and each hosting a unix vm on the
same lan. I use PuTTY to access the unix vms. Computer A is Windows 11
home. Computer B is Widows 10 home. Using PuTTY on windows A I can login
into (1) Unix A or (2) Unix B. Using PuTTY on windows B I can login to (3)
Unix A or (4) Unix B. In unix A I can ping (5) unix A, (6) the router, and
(7) but I cannot ping (8) unix B. In unix B I can ping (9) unix B,
(10) the router, and (10) but I cannot ping (11) unix A. On
Thursday of last week was when (8) and (11) stopped working. There was no
known upgrade or relocating of software or hardware during the entire week.
The Windows computers have dynamic addressing but the unix vms are static
ips. In case the static addresses were interfering with the dynamic
addresses, both the unix addresses were changed to avoid any possible
conflicts to no avail. One more note, there are two printers on the lan
that have static addresses and both unix vms still are able to connect to
both printers.

Re: connect two vms on two computers

Posted: 23. Sep 2023, 00:10
by scottgus1
Please post an "ipconfig /all" from the Windows OS's and an "ifconfig" or "ip address" from the Unix VMs. Please label which is which.

Also, please Right-click each VM in the main Virtualbox window's VM list, choose Show in Explorer/Finder/File Manager. Copy the VM's .vbox file (not the .vbox-prev file) to the desktop (Configure your host OS to show all extensions if the folder that opens does not show a .vbox file). Zip all the .vbox files and post the zip file, using the forum's Attachments tab.