Discussions about using non Windows and Linux guests such as FreeBSD, DOS, OS/2, OpenBSD, etc.
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NomadBSD is a persistent live system for USB flash drives, based on FreeBSD®. Together with automatic hardware detection and setup, it is configured to be used as a desktop system that works out of the box...

It is provided as an img.lzma file, intended to be unzipped and dd'ed to a flash drive.

It can be run in a vm from a flash drive by making a vmdk, or VBoxManage can copy the img file to a vdi and resize to make room for a data partition. For example:

Create a vm, say NBSD, do not add a virtual hard disk.

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VboxManage convertdd /path/nomadbsd-131R-20221130.amd64.ufs.img /path/NBSD/nomad.vdi
VboxManage modifyhd /path/NBSD/nomad.vdi --resize 5000
Edit: the 5GB vdi size is a bare minimum.
Attach the vdi to NBSD and start. It will go through a brief setup, then reboot to xfce desktop.
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