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How to Change Your Forum Email Address or Password

Posted: 22. Nov 2020, 16:47
by scottgus1
Oracle's Single Sign-On account system at takes care of the email address and password the forum uses to authenticate you and to send you forum notifications.

To change your forum email address or password you must edit your Oracle SSO account:

1. Be sure of your present email and Oracle SSO password*. Oracle SSO uses your present email as your SSO username. (You will not have to access the present email, in case you have lost access to it. You just have to know what it is.)

2. Go to and log in with your present email and password.

3. Under 'My Profile' at the top of the page, use the 'Edit' links to change your email address or password. Follow any instructions presented.

4. You may need to log out of the forum and back in again with your new email address username and/or password.

* If you have forgotten your password, the "Need Help?" link on the Single-Sign-On page will take you to a page where you can get instructions for changing your password. You will probably need access to your existing sign-on email.