problems converting a vmware virtual machine

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problems converting a vmware virtual machine

Postby pkaplan » 29. Sep 2007, 13:24

I have an XP VM that was built on VMWare. Now I want to run it under VB. I converted the vmnx file using qemu and vitool as described in numerous places, but the machine hangs during boot.

I tried booting in safe mode and the boot hung when attempting to load the agp440 service. After disabling this, it hung on mup, then NTIL and finally after disabling all three services it hangs on Ntfs.

Any helpful thoughts here? Is the VMware v-hardware so different from that of virtualbox that I won't be able to transfer this machine or is there some boot or conversion trick that I haven't discovered.
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Postby pkaplan » 4. Oct 2007, 22:17

For the sake of completeness, I found the solution.

First I used the XP disk to repair the installation. (Hit F5 or F7 at the F6 screen and then select "Standard PC". Repair the existing installation.

No need to use the recovery console to disable agp440.sys since it isn't enabled by default.

The boot process continues to fail, but leads to a BSOD complaining about intelppm.sys. Disabling this won't work, Delete or rename the file.

Voila, it boots.

Go figure.
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Postby Ingo » 5. Oct 2007, 14:55

Many thanks for your feedback.
I've found an explanation to this problem here ... 84461.aspx
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Re: problems converting a vmware virtual machine

Postby liferules04 » 12. Feb 2010, 00:31

Thanks for your post, this really helped me out today.
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