Running snapshot: TPM error

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Running snapshot: TPM error

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When creating a snapshot of a default Windows 11 guest running and restarting this snapshot, TPM shows an error:
Cannot load management console: Loading of the management console failed. Exception from HRESULT: 0x8028017A Try again.
Is this expected behavior? In other words, you cannot create a snapshot of a running OS and still have working TPM?
If you sub-sequentially restart the Windows guest, then TPM is working again.

Easy to reproduce:
- Create a default Windows 11 guest, no updates are needed.
- When Windows is running, create a snapshot
- Start the snapshot and check tpm.msc (it will show the error as in the image)
- Restart the guest
- TPM is working fine again

error image: https://ibb[dot]co/z2DGgKm (replace [dot])
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