Getting logged out when running a program

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Getting logged out when running a program

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Originally posted this to windows hosts group but it's probably more appropriate here. I'm running a program and when doing so, it consistently puts me back to the login screen and anything I had going on (open terminals, processes) are gone and it's like a fresh login. I'm running a Fedora 40 linux guest.

If I run this program in single processor mode, no problems. If running with multiprocessing, it will return back to the login screen. I've had it fail multiple times. I've watched the memory but no problems (32 gb) and disk space is the same, looks great.

I'm working with Python multiprocessing and have been doing this for many years and have had no problems. I've looked at the logs in VM directory/logs and to my mostly untrained eye, don't see anything that says kernel panic or some such.

I'm not even sure if it's a Linux issue but did use dmesg and didn't see anything of note. What information should I be looking for to narrow down this crash (if that's even the right word)?
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Re: Getting logged out when running a program

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Is using this "application/program" the only trigger that seems to result in this 'log-out' behaviour or has it also been experienced when using any other software?

The VM's Vbox.log might indicate what action caused the log-out. If you want another user to check the log then I suggest:

- Run the VM until you manage to trigger a log-out.
- Shut down the VM normally if possible, or force a shut down if the normal Power/Shutdown option does not work.
- 'Zip' a copy of the Vbox.log file (not the Vbox.log.1, 2.3 files which are for previous VM runs) and attach the zip file to your response using the Attachments Tab below the Message Text Box.

If you are not sure how to find the log files folder, then Right-click on the VM Entry in the VirtualBox Manager window and select the Show in 'your File Manager' option.

Also, if Fedora maintains an 'Event Log' in the same way that Windows does, then that might provide a more detailed record of any action resulting in a system log-out.
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