Random writes to shared folder fail VB 7.0.18

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Random writes to shared folder fail VB 7.0.18

Post by Mike255 »

As far as I can tell this started happening when I upgraded from VB 6.1 to VB 7 (I think 7.0.16)

This is happening in a guest that is running Kubuntu 22.04.4 (kernel 6.5.0-28)

By random writes, I mean how ktorrent writes as it downloads a torrent.
I have had ktorrent configured to download to a shared folder, probably since VB 5, and it hasn't had any problems until now.

What I see is that ktorrent seems to be successfully downloading chunks, but when I run the check all of the downloaded chunks show as failed.

If I change the download location for the torrent to be an attached vdi drive (I just used the root) the ktorrent download succeeds. I just tried this again with the kubuntu-24.04-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent .

Also I can successfully copy (via dolphin gui or cp) the downloaded file from the vdi drive to the shared folder.

Let me know if there is any other diagnostic info I can provide.
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