The status of VirtualBox BugTracker

Temporary forum to discuss issues and problems during a VirtualBox Beta or Release Candidate phase.
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The status of VirtualBox BugTracker

Post by birdie »

For over a year now, if not two, VirtualBox BugTracker has been deserted.

Developers don't leave comments, don't close tickets, don't investigate, basically the whole thing looks dead.

1. Why does it exist then?
2. How can you report bugs/post feature suggestions? Or VirtualBox now exists only for paid customers?

For instance Fedora Linux builds are terribly outdated. They are so outdated, it's just ridiculous.
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Re: The status of VirtualBox BugTracker

Post by klaus »

The VirtualBox developers are doing whatever the time permits which isn't taken by high priority tasks.

I disagree with the claim "Fedora Linux builds are terribly outdated" - the package we provide works to our knowledge with Fedora 39 which is the latest released version. We need to invest our most valuable resource (time) where it really matters.
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Re: The status of VirtualBox BugTracker

Post by HansWerner »

Then hire some service workers at minimum wage and let them go through the tickets. Many students would love that job! They could certainly do the prioritization for you. Especially in Germany we have a economic crisis, more jobs help.
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