Shared folder with an open file warning errors.

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Shared folder with an open file warning errors.

Post by science2002 »

In Win10 Pro as a host, and with VB 6.1 I experience this problem in launching from Guest OS (also a Win10) a portable application from a shared folder. When the application (an outliner) starts, it tries to open a file which is its default file.

In this attempt I got two warnings (from the guest OS I believe):

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 Error watching file Exception, File Notification system timed out at Start/Stop
Eventually the file is opened without any further messages or problems. The same warnings though reappear if I close and reopen the file, with the application already running, while the error does not occure if is present in the internal VHD of the Guest OS.

The shared folder is on an External USB3.x SSD so its speed should be good. Any idea of what could cause the warnings and are there some tweakenings to solve this sort of issues with Shared folder?
Finally, for those with some expirience, would the USB filter (by attaching the whole SSD) work better? Or will it cause probably more issues?

Thank you.
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Re: Shared folder with an open file warning errors.

Post by arQon »

Shared Folders only support a subset of filesystem capabilities, and it sounds like that isn't one of them. You can pretty much ignore the noise though: it's doubtless only watching the file in an attempt to be clever if you edit it with something else while it's already open in the outliner.
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