Virtualbox install trouble

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Virtualbox install trouble

Post by richard77 »

I can not use or unistall virtual box, I try to unistall virtual box and met this issue (pic 1) and when I tries to repair it it tell something is missing (pic 2)
when I tried to unistall
when I tried to unistall
virtual issu2.png (103.14 KiB) Viewed 402 times
when I tried to repair
when I tried to repair
png.png (53.33 KiB) Viewed 402 times
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Re: Virtual box

Post by scottgus1 »

  1. Download the Windows Virtualbox 7.0.10 from or
  2. Make a temporary folder on you computer to hold the extracted files, like C:\VBOXMSI.
  3. In a regular command prompt window, drag the downloaded exe file. The full path and file name of the exe will appear at the command prompt.
  4. Type {space}--extract{space}--path{space}
  5. Drag the temporary folder you made on the command window. The path and name of the folder will appear in the command window.
    The command will look like this:

    Code: Select all

    drive:\path\to\VirtualBox-[versionnumber]-Win.exe --extract --path C:\VBOXMSI
  6. Run the command. The MSI will be in that temporary folder.
Note there's one annoying glitch with the MSI installer. A message box which does not have an accompanying icon in the taskbar will display the results of the last command. If you leave this message box open, further runs of commands with the .exe file will not do anything. You will have to find the message box and close it. And if you minimize all the windows with the Desktop Peek tool you may not be able to find it to close it. So close it as soon as you see what it says.

Once you have the .msi file, you have to rename it to the file name in the error message:
then point the error message box's browsing feature at where the msi file is located, or put the renamed msi file where the computer expects to find it.
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