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Discussions related to using VirtualBox on Linux hosts.
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Virtualbox Manager

Post by Ofloo »

Version of virtualbox 7.0.6 is installed ubuntu 23.04

Just opening the manager gui will make the system use 300% cpu even closing it down doesn't close the CPU usage there is not one VM running its cleanly booted system just opening the vboxmanager gui
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Re: Virtualbox Manager

Post by scottgus1 »

Pictures can be posted using the forum's Attachments tab on the first day first post.

Such problems on a Linux host may be because of a mixed-up install between official Virtualbox and the Linux fork of Virtualbox pre-installed by the distros.

I'd suggest to uninstall/purge Virtualbox, run the prerequisites ... nux-prereq then install Official Virtualbox . You might come up to 7.0.10, some bugs have been found along the way.
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