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Same issue

Postby gcstang » 2. Jan 2009, 21:34

Ubuntu 8.10 64bit Host
Windows XP SP3 Guest

VirtualBox[9033]: segfault at 3f93c8 ip 00007f30aea8413c sp 0000000040af0c10 error 6 in[7f30ae9f1000+1ad000]

VirtualBox[8996] general protection ip:7f84e314213c sp:41ae3c10 error:0 in[7f84e30af000+1ad000]
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Postby jrobbo » 4. Jan 2009, 11:51

I'm having a similar problem, not exactly the same, but i'll post my symptoms just in case it helps someone else.

My setup is Ubuntu 8.10 32-bit, but running the server kernel. Using VirtualBox 2.1.0, and an XP SP2 guest. Every now and then, the XP guest will just freeze, and stop resaponding to inputs, needs to be reset. The little network icon on the VirtualBox window frame shows some occassional activity even though the guest is frozen.

Any, so far, it only seems to happen when 1) I have Host Interface Networking configured, and 2) I am trying to install a new application. When both of these things are true, it will freeze 75% of the time.

I'm still investigating this to see if I can see further patterns, anyone else seen anything similar?


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Postby bb83 » 5. Jan 2009, 21:42

I could reproduce this bug with 3 Machines now (all 64 bit with XpSp3 Guest and NAT). Someones got a solution or ideas to test ?
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Postby ariel » 5. Jan 2009, 23:36

Same problem. dmesg shows:

VirtualBox[11017]: segfault at 35 ip 00007f48ae153147 sp 00000000401cac10 error 6 in[7f48ae0c0000+1ad000]

This is on Ubuntu 8.10 amd64 (host), winxp sp3 (guest), NAT networking.

Is there a bug ticket opened for this? Workaround? (other than downgrading VBox...)
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Postby nabamer. » 6. Jan 2009, 00:25


try switching to Host Interface network mode. Worked for me. NAT seems to be the reason behind this problem.

Changing Interface Type..

Postby gcstang » 6. Jan 2009, 01:40

Didn't work I went back to 2.0.6
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Postby ariel » 6. Jan 2009, 01:45

Bug Ticket opened -

people may want to report their problems there for the devs to see.
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