ArcaOS 5 guest on VirtualBox 7 Mac host

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ArcaOS 5 guest on VirtualBox 7 Mac host

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Upgraded from VB6.1 to VB7. Graphics too slow for machine to be useful, best when VMSVGA is selected but not good enough. Backleveled to VB6.1. Not expecting a fix, just reporting.
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Re: ArcaOS 5 guest on VirtualBox 7 Mac host

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Please upgrade to 7.0.6 Virtualbox, Extension Pack if used, and Guest Additions if usable in the VM's OS.

If this does not get a stable VM, and you have 3D acceleration turned on, try running the VM with 3D acceleration turned off. If that stabilizes the VM, Please create a ticket in the Bugtracker with the problem description, the manufacturer and model of the host PC's graphics card, the graphics driver version (on the host OS), and a (zipped) VBox.log file.

If your host OS is Linux, please provide a zip file with the output of the 'vulkaninfo' command in the Bugtracker ticket, too. (on Debian/Ubuntu/Mint hosts, you may have to install the vulkan-tools package).
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