failed to send host log message

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failed to send host log message

Postby ahetm » 10. Aug 2022, 09:13

hi, I had an ubuntu 18.04 machine and I was working on something, I closed the machine and when I tried to turn it off it got stuck on some screen(i dropped the screenshot) I tried to create a new machine with other machines harddisk but it got stuck on the same screen again. I need my files because I am doing a project right now and I didn't get any saves of that file. either I need a way to save my files or open this machine. any help is appreciated.
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this is the screenshot i was talking about
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Re: failed to send host log message

Postby scottgus1 » 10. Aug 2022, 14:12

Those 'log errors' can be ignored. They come from a small recoverable bug in the Linux driver for the VMSVGA video card for the VM. The VM OS continues to boot correctly if there are no other problems.

The screenshot shows properly-running VM 'hardware' and an OS inside the VM that is having problems and can be troubleshot using Ubuntu's normal methods and help channels.

Ubuntu is known to go blackscreen if there is not enough free disk space to start the desktop environment. This happens in real PCs too. The solution is to log on text-only and delete stuff until the desktop environment can start. Web-search how to fix this in an Ubuntu PC and apply the steps to the VM. Also see How to Resize a Drive

Alternatively, 7-zip on the Windows host can in some cases open the VM's disk file to extract documents within. Or you can attach the VM's disk to another working Ubuntu VM. Note that if you're using snapshots, you'll have to clone the final snapshot with Mpack's CloneVDI and attach the clone to use either of these options. And if you're encrypting the VM, then your only option is to get the VM OS running.
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