what is dynamically expanding image?

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what is dynamically expanding image?

Postby lcabcdefg » 27. Dec 2008, 17:06

hi all:

I have installed the virtualbox, but I selected the dynamically expanding mode, when I was finishing, I found that ,the size of the hard disk could not changed as the manual said. doesn't the manual say that , if you selected the dynamically mode ,the size of hard disk would grow later? I don't know how can I let the size grow? so , help me ,, thank you ...
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Postby Simak » 27. Dec 2008, 17:24

Dynamically expanding mode does not mean that You can change the size of Your harddisk file later but instead that it will not allocate the full space for Your virtual harddisk in the host filesystem at the time of creation. An other name for such a dynamically growing file is "sparse image". You may want to check the term "thin provisioning" as well.

If You really need to be able to expand Your virtual harddisk later on You should give iscsi a try.
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Postby TerryE » 28. Dec 2008, 14:01

See my tutorial All about VDIs.
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