VM-4-ILOM Solaris guest on windows

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VM-4-ILOM Solaris guest on windows

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I just loaded the VM-4-ILOM for windows laptop to use re-direction without Java certification issues...so my question is since I wasn't asked upon loading vm for any username or passwords...what are the built-in if any username/passwords? One doc stated using the default username of "service" and password of "4Oracl3"...this appears to work, since it auto-logs into this user...however, if I try to cd to shared directory for files I mount(firmware or other iso's) it says permission denied...and when I try to su - root it asks for password which I don't have and can't find this documented anywhere...I've tried the usual welcome1 or changeme, but not correct...I try to add user with root privileges but says I'm not authorized to do so...any help is appreciated.
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Re: VM-4-ILOM Solaris guest on windows

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You'll have to ask the folks providing the OS. Virtualbox only provides the 'hardware' the OS runs on and is not involved in any security requirements the OS has.
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