is virtualbox-kmp-default needed on Linux-guest?

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is virtualbox-kmp-default needed on Linux-guest?

Postby reburg » 6. Dec 2021, 22:09

for test purposes a virtual machine is running on my Suse Linux PC with Suse Leap 15.3 Linux as guest. I wonder, why virtualbox-kmp-default package is installed on the guest. Is this kernel module package needed in the guest machine? I would have assumed that this is only necessary for the Virtualbox host machine.

if I try to uninstall the virtualbox-kmp-default package on the guest VM, YAST installs the virtualbox-kmp-preempt package and later on vice versa.

Many thanks for hints.
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Re: is virtualbox-kmp-default needed on Linux-guest?

Postby scottgus1 » 6. Dec 2021, 23:15

I'm not certain about your question specifically, but many Linux distros distribute their forks of Virtualbox and Guest Additions. This might be what you're seeing. Here on the forum we only try to support official Virtualbox from And the official Guest Additions come bundled with official Virtualbox.
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