I can't plug real sata hdd to windows 7 VM

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I can't plug real sata hdd to windows 7 VM

Postby Spincode » 5. Sep 2019, 11:22

There is one SATA controller, and
two disks on it:
DISK_C.VHD (a copy of real HDD)
DISK_S.vmdk (virtual plug to real HDD)

windows 7 is loading files and even starting up a desktop but machine are going stoped (paused) with this error.
when I unplug disk_S the error is disappearing.

I've tried to become an owner of the vmdk file, and the whole disk S, and run VirtualBox as an administrator...
The same issue.

PS: And there is 317 GB free on that drive
Virtual machine paused with this error!
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Re: I can't plug real sata hdd to windows 7 VM

Postby scottgus1 » 5. Sep 2019, 14:28

EDIT see further down.

Spincode wrote:DISK_S.vmdk (virtual plug to real HDD)

If you are trying raw-disk access, you need to close the main Virtualbox window and re-open it by right-clicking the Virtualbox icon and choose Run As Administrator. (See: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=93478) Then run the guest from the main Virtualbox window.

Keep in mind that running Virtualbox as Administrator can give any existing malware on your host PC or the guest a lot more possible attack vectors. Try to run this guest for as small a time as possible, and be absolutely sure your PC and guest do not have any malware on them.

EDIT Sorry, just saw this:
and run VirtualBox as an administrator...

So you're doing the above.

Google: "BLKCACHE_IOERR raw disk site:forums.virtualbox.org" There's some possible solutions to try. See what you can find. (I see a few suggestions that the disk needs to be off-line in Disk Management.)
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