NATnetwork and dns-host-resolver

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NATnetwork and dns-host-resolver

Postby Smoke » 23. May 2019, 04:54

Is it possible to enable use-host-resolver for a NATnetwork? i wasnt able to make it work and by checking on the configuration xml of the machine it looks like that mode is only available in NAT only mode? is that so?

I am running into a problem where none of the network modes seems to fit my needs and I believe must be wrong, so decided to check with the community and would appreciate some suggestions, the needs are pretty simple:
  • 4 vms that fully see each other and are on the same network (ideally, host machine as well, but not critical)
  • vms should be able to access internet trough the host (nat-alike)
  • vms must be able to use host-dns-resolver, as i have a bounch of hosts hardcoded in my host hosts-file that the vms must resolve transparently.

I was able to run this by using two network cards, nic1 to hostonly so all the vms can communicate and nic2 to nat mode, which vms use to access internet and dns resolving on the host
But now I need to find a configuration that only has this functionality with a single NIC , as I ran into software issues when the machine has two networks.

Reason i can not simply use internal and/or bridged is because this setup runs in a notebook that constantly changes router and the vms needs static-ips so i cant let the network connected handle the internet.
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Re: NATnetwork and dns-host-resolver

Postby socratis » 23. May 2019, 06:44

I got to say that for a first-time poster, you really have done your homework! 8)

A couple of notes:
  • The DNS resolver, as you found out, exists only for the NAT option, not the NATservice option. No matter how many XML files you check, if it's not in the API, well ... :?
  • The 2 NIC solution is what I would have proposed as well. Too bad it can't work for you.
Now, there maybe another solution that involves some more elaborate networking topology/configuration for what you want to achieve. Let's see if someone from our network guru users has an idea.
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