VirtualBox very slow and lagging on Mojave

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VirtualBox very slow and lagging on Mojave

Postby DanielDLD » 26. Apr 2019, 16:56

Dear community,

Since I installed Mojave on my iMac Virtual Box is running very slowly and lags a lot.
I have updated VBox to the latest version 6.0.6 and installed the Guest Additions in WIN7.
I have also upgraded the RAM of my iMac from 8 to 24 GB.
I am running WIN 7 as a guest on the VM.

In the task manager the CPU usage is less than 20 percent and the RAM only 2GB...

Nothing appears to help so far to make it run smoothly.
When I switch back to the host Mojave everything runs perfectly.

I have attached my log file to this post and I hope this will help for the troubleshooting.

Thank you in advance for your time and help regarding this issue.
VBox (kopia).log
Log file
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Re: VirtualBox very slow and lagging on Mojave

Postby KaleidosCope » 10. May 2019, 19:04

Hi. Grafx settings are VboxSVGA - 2d and 3d on?... Try to switch to VboxVGA! (but that's from a W10 view...)
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Re: VirtualBox very slow and lagging on Mojave

Postby mpack » 10. May 2019, 19:37

The OP is already using VBoxVGA with 3D acceleration. I suggest that he read some of the many previous forum posts on the wisdom of leaving the host with 0 CPU cores.

Oh - and try using 200% scale mode in the guest when you have a HiDPI display.
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