Cannot save machine state or take snapshot

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Cannot save machine state or take snapshot

Postby linq » 25. Feb 2019, 06:09

I have the latest Virtualbox 5.2.26 installed on Windows 10 machine. I use Ubuntu 18.04 guest.

Everything works fine except that I cannot save machine state: when I shut down and select the option "save machine state", it shows some progressing and before reaching 100%, the little status window disappears (maybe crashed), anyway the state of the guest in the vm list of virtualbox shows "Aborted". When I start it, it is a fresh state instead of going to the previous state.

VBox.log is attached.

I also found that I cannot take snapshot, here is the error code: Result Code: RPC_S_CALL_FAILED 0x800706BE (0x800706BE)

Someone mentioned that a fix to snapshot problem is, virtualbox program needs to run as administror, I followed that change, but it does not resolve the problem.

Please help out.

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Re: Cannot save machine state or take snapshot

Postby mpack » 25. Feb 2019, 12:14

linq wrote:Someone mentioned that a fix to snapshot problem is, virtualbox program needs to run as administror

Who is "someone"? Certainly not someone who knows what he's talking about.

You need admin rights to install VirtualBox, because it's a software install in general and because it installs device drivers. You do not need admin rights to run VirtualBox.

On the installation point, I believe your VirtualBox software has not been properly installed. You need to install while logged in as the same user who will use VirtualBox, you should use "Run as administrator" to install the software, to ensure that it doesn't silently skip doing things you don't have permission to do on your PC.

Note in particular that logging in as Adminstrator does not do the same thing as the above.
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Re: Cannot save machine state or take snapshot

Postby socratis » 25. Feb 2019, 18:09

Take a look at the Known Issues in the "Discuss the 6.0.0 release" post.

You are seeing the effects of saved states not being restored in 6.0.x. There are three of them (and many, many duplicates):
If you obfuscate any information requested, I will obfuscate my response. These are virtual UUIDs, not real ones.
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Re: Cannot save machine state or take snapshot

Postby giip » 20. May 2019, 16:20

i have the same problem.

virtualbox running on linux mint 19.1, hosted linux mint 19.1 state cannot be often saved. saving progress runs to 97%, then stop for a while, and then is the guest window closed. in virtual box manager i see the state of linux mint 19.1 virtual (guest) as "canceled", not "saved" as expected. log ends everitime (when this happen) with same lines:

Console: Machine state changed to 'Saving'
Changing the VM state from 'SUSPENDED' to 'SAVING'
VUSB: Detached 'HidMouse' from port 1 on RootHub#1

saving state of windows 7 guest is everitime without any problem.
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