Changing system/app default for settings

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Changing system/app default for settings

Postby jelabarre59 » 18. Jan 2019, 20:31

I would like to be able to set the default values for "Shared Clipboard" and "Drag N Drop" on VBox to "Bidirectional". As it is currently I have to go in and change it every time I create a new VM. There should be a way to set my own preferred defaults for any new machines I create.
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Re: Changing system/app default for settings

Postby socratis » 18. Jan 2019, 22:13

Not an option at the moment.

Although, if you're into programming, you could apply it to all your VMs by walking through the output of:
    VBoxManage list vms
and then for each VM you could apply DnD with:
    VBoxManage modifyvm "<VM>" --draganddrop disabled|hosttoguest[1]
and Shared Clipboard with:
    VBoxManage modifyvm "<VM>" --clipboard disabled|hosttoguest|guesttohost|bidirectional

[1]: There seems to be a mistake in the documentation of the "draganddrop" option. The command actually supports all four modes:
    VBoxManage modifyvm "<VM>" --draganddrop disabled|hosttoguest|guesttohost|bidirectional
This is correct in the User Manual, but not in the "VBoxManageHelp.cpp". I've notified the developers about it.
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