VB Manager window position - saved where?

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VB Manager window position - saved where?

Postby Armando » 2. Jan 2019, 20:59

Anybody knowing where the size and position of the VBox Manager's window are saved when the program gets closed (terminated), so that they are "remembered" (as usually should happen) the next time the manager is launched?

Are they saved by Windows in its registry or by VirtualBox itself somewhere else?
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Re: VB Manager window position - saved where?

Postby socratis » 2. Jan 2019, 21:29

They're saved in the "VirtualBox.xml" file. The location depends on the host OS. For OSX it's under "~/Library/VirtualBox", on Linux and Win it's in "~/.VirtualBox". For more information see the online PDF[1] version of the User Manual, ch. 10.1.3 Global Configuration Data.

Don't try to modify it while any VirtualBox process is running.

[1]: Specific linking to the online manual is broken at the moment, the chapters are off by one, I expect it to be resolved in the end of Jan/2019, holidays and all...
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Re: VB Manager window position - saved where?

Postby Armando » 3. Jan 2019, 20:01

Thanks to your clear answer I was able to temporarily "solve" the little problem I already mentioned in the VB6 discussion, about the new release not correctly "remembering" the position of the VBM window.

As I have the VBM automatically launched at startup and I usually never move it, it seems that a simple editing of the window's coordinates in the xml file was enough to have the window appear exactly (almost) where I want it to be. Let's hope those coordinates remain unchanged as long as I don't drag the window. :]
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