Opening VDI on a different machine

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Opening VDI on a different machine

Postby teepusink » 27. Dec 2018, 14:37


I'm on a Mac and my Mac broke. However, I managed to copy the "~/VirtualBox VMs" folder including the VDI files, etc.
Now that I have a new Mac though, I'm not able to open that VDI file.

It says "UUID {937c8c1b-7a90-4aaa-a7e4-2fa706468e87} of the medium '/Users/teepusink/VirtualBox VMs/Ubuntu 16.04.05/Ubuntu 16.04.05.orig.vdi' does not match the value {bfd2821a-e60c-4405-b474-d5720a928f0d} stored in the media registry ('/Users/teepusink/Library/VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml')."

I didn't copy the file under "~/Library/*".

Here are stuff I've tried:
- VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid Ubuntu\ 16.04.05.orig.vdi
(Still doesn't work)

- And when I do VBoxManage list hdds, it says the State is "inaccessible"

To be exact, what steps should I do to import? Maybe I did it wrong in the first place.
I didn't export as "OVF" as I'm just learning about it now.

What else can I do? This is so stressful.

Thank you!

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Re: Opening VDI on a different machine

Postby andyp73 » 27. Dec 2018, 15:55

I'm not an expert on this subject but it sounds as though you may have been using snapshots and not have all of the files. Can you post a copy of the "/Users/teepusink/VirtualBox VMs/Ubuntu 16.04.05/Ubuntu 16.04.05.vbox" file as it was when you extracted it from your old machine?

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Re: Opening VDI on a different machine

Postby socratis » 27. Dec 2018, 19:25

And the "~/Library/VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml" file while you're at it. You could even ZIP them together with the "Ubuntu 16.04.05.vbox" if you like...
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