IPS support - p5p package archive for Solaris guest additions ?

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IPS support - p5p package archive for Solaris guest additions ?

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This is a long-term (and definitely not urgent) request to provide the VboxGuestAdditions in a .p5p package archive to add it to an IPS local repository.

Currently VirtualBox delivers a System-V R4 datastream package in the ISO


with the VBoxSolarisAdditions.pkg

# pkginfo SUNWvboxguest
application SUNWvboxguest Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions

The request is (not urgent!) the ability to add the guest additions to a local IPS repository in order to deploy the additions from the Automated Installer and to make it easy to upgrade the operating system via pkg update.

For example the ISO could contain a VBoxSolarisAdditions.p5p that could be imported via

$ pkgrecv -s /my/VBoxSolarisAdditions.p5p -d /export/repo '*'

or VirtualBox could provide a IPS repository where I could export the additions as a user, to a p5p.

I must add that the current SysVR4 package works fine, so it is not urgent, and there may be more important feature requests ...

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