Installing Vista on XP hangs at "expanding files"?

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Installing Vista on XP hangs at "expanding files"?

Postby Voradin » 9. Oct 2008, 21:52

I am running Virtualbox 2.0.2, and I am having trouble installing a Vista guest on a Windows XP host machine.

My PC is a Pentium D 2.8GHz, 3GB RAM; I have been able to install Windows Server 2003, WinXP, and OpenSolaris successfully. My Vista virtual machine is set to 1GB of RAM, 20GB hard disk, and 64MB video memory; I have tried installation with USB, network, and audio both enabled and disabled, makes no difference.

When I try to install Vista, it gets to the "Installing Windows" screen and hangs on "expanding files (0%)...". It appears to be running (the dots are crawling) and the DVD drive will spin up about once every 2-3 minutes, but nothing else happens. The status bar shows about 10% progress (where it started) and does not move.

I have tried deleting and re-creating a new virtual disk. I have tried running the installation in Safe Mode. Nothing happens, it always hangs here.


Any ideas? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Re: Installing Vista on XP hangs at "expanding files"?

Postby wampumferret » 8. Jun 2009, 18:26

I was having a similar problem, but I just let it run for a long time and it started working...
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Re: Installing Vista on XP hangs at "expanding files"?

Postby flyingtuna01 » 18. Oct 2009, 15:38

Well ... how long my installation has been running for almost 5 hours. You think there is something wrong ? The vista installation screen is stuck in expanding
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