WinD3D freezing

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WinD3D freezing

Postby Markie » 16. Nov 2017, 00:50

I have an older game from 2008 that doesn't run under 64bit.
That's why I have a VM with XP 32bit installed, where that game did run just fine, up to few days ago, with VB 5.1
The game requires directx9.0c, so I have 3D acceleration enabled in the VM and also installed 3D support with the extensions.

Then I have reinstalled my whole system from scratch, with all the latest drivers and also with the latest version of VB.
I didn't bother saving the old VM, I figured creating a new one takes only a few minutes and a fresh install might be better anyway.

But now with VB 5.2 the game doesn't start.
It installs fine, no errors or anything, directx installs without problems, the autostart of the game CD launches, but when I click "start game" the autostart window closes and nothing happens.

If I then try to shut down the VM, Windows pops up a message, saying it cannot shut down, because it is waiting for "WineD3D fake window".
For all I figured out that means, the game actually started, but for some reason the support for Direct3D failed and the window froze.

From here on I'm at a loss, I'm not an expert, but is there anything I can do to get this to work?

If needed, the game in question is this one: ... video_game)
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Re: WinD3D freezing

Postby Ethancarter » 19. Nov 2017, 13:12


I have the same issue on XP/32 bits on Win 10 host.
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