Permanent capture of selected USB-devices

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Permanent capture of selected USB-devices

Postby Sacred » 28. Sep 2017, 20:02

Very nice and useful thing! But there's no limit to perfection.
I want to attach one USB-device permanently to VirtualBox. I mean that this USB-device should not be visible from the host even if no any vbox machines running.
It should seen as if running Guest captured this device, but without requirement any running Guests nor VirtualBox manager at all.
It should be possible to attach this device from any Guest, as usual.
Selected USB-device must be in captured state all the time: after detach it from Guest, after crash Guest vbox process, after rebooting Host, and so on.
It may appear visible in Host in cases if Vbox services were stopped, or if it was explicit detached by VirtualBox preferences.

Excuse my English.
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