[Solved] No internet connection

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[Solved] No internet connection

Postby Antara33 » 13. Apr 2017, 06:13

Hello everybody and sorry if this isn't the right place to ask for support.
I am in need to host a VM with windows XP x32 to use visual studio 2002 and other software, and I need to have internet access on the virtual machine during the work time in order to do SVN commits and other things.
My host os its windows 10 x64 and the guest os it's windows xp x32, both running on the same machine.
How do I have to setup virtualbox, host os and guest os to get internet access?
I tryed several guides but anything seems to work :/
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Re: No internet connection

Postby BillG » 13. Apr 2017, 06:46

You should not need to do anything at all. The default settings are designed to give guest access to the Internet by default. If your host has Internet access, the guest should as well.

With the vm shut down,set the network adapter in the vm back to NAT. Restart the vm. IF it does not connect to the Internet, post the output of an ipconfig command from the guest OS.

It should look rather like this.

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Re: No internet connection

Postby Antara33 » 13. Apr 2017, 14:38

Evrything it's in order now, IDK why it failed that much on firsts runs with NAT, thx for the help!
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Re: [Solved] No internet connection

Postby socratis » 13. Apr 2017, 15:53

Thanks for the feedback. Marked as [Solved].
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