Windows COM proxy / API changes for 5.1? (w.r.t. VBoxHeadlessTray)

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Windows COM proxy / API changes for 5.1? (w.r.t. VBoxHeadlessTray)

Postby GreenReaper » 10. Jun 2016, 04:04

I use VBoxHeadlessTray (which has been around for a while) to maintain a local backup on a VM. This started falling over after I switched from 5.0.20 to 5.1 Beta 2 to try it out.

Obviously, maintaining third-party apps is not VB/Oracle's concern, but providing the information they need to be updated is… and given it took a while to find a volunteer willing/able to make the necessary updates for 5.0, it'd be nice not to have to wait for the release this time.

Are details of the changes related to the COM interface/API available? I'm guessing #8298 might be related - the tool crashes having called a bad pointer - but it could be something else.
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Re: Windows COM proxy / API changes for 5.1? (w.r.t. VBoxHeadlessTray)

Postby noteirak » 11. Jun 2016, 22:38

Interesting that you have issue with it, there was no API change at all with the Java bindings, but those use GLUE code so C++ changes are hidden...
Any changes would be referenced in the SDK PDF but there is nothing for 5.1 in terms of changes.
Would be good if Brad was still around TBH...

I'll let the devs aswer more precisely :)
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