Virtualbox on FreeBSD

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Virtualbox on FreeBSD

Postby vvang » 10. Sep 2015, 23:29

Anyone running Virtualbox on FreeBSD?

Just wondering when 5.0 will be in BSD ports?
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Re: Virtualbox on FreeBSD

Postby loukingjr » 10. Sep 2015, 23:33

Actually that would be up to the FreeBSD folks.
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Re: Virtualbox on FreeBSD

Postby stargazer2001 » 22. Jun 2016, 04:59

I am presently running PCBSD 11 (FreeBSD base 10.3-RELEASE-p4) and Oracle Virtual Box ver. 4.3.38 OSEr106717.
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Re: Virtualbox on FreeBSD

Postby Davidsmith150 » 22. Dec 2016, 11:39

i running Oracle Virtual Box VirtualBox ver.5.1.12.
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Re: Virtualbox on FreeBSD

Postby Brutalizer » 22. Nov 2017, 20:19

How is the status of VB on FreeBSD? Does everything work, or are there missing features? Say, like 3D graphics? USB 3.0?
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Re: Virtualbox on FreeBSD

Postby mpack » 22. Nov 2017, 20:25

The status of FreeBSD has not changed. It is not a Supported Host, and you should ask on a FreeBSD support site if you have questions regarding their VirtualBox fork, if any.
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