make it portable

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make it portable

Postby nabamer » 6. Dec 2007, 21:23

With virtualbox the files on windows host are kinda spaced. I did wish to see some support for usb harddrives.

Qemu can do this also. You put all files inside program directory and you can use relative paths.

Also a non installer version would be nice (just unzip). If some changes on windows are required I would appreciate an install/uninstall button inside the portable gui.

Postby Beng7 » 23. May 2008, 16:27

Indeed an official portable version would be great, given the size of memory cards these days (on my 8gb microSD card, i was able to run suze & mandriva live CDs via portable virtualbox found here
here precisely:

please make it official - it would really be like taking away your home computer
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Postby thenefield » 20. Aug 2008, 17:37

There is a portable release of the current version (1.6.4) at the following location:

Here is the direct link to the 32-bit download page: ... t-.7z.html

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Postby Technologov » 20. Aug 2008, 18:10

I think making VBox portable is impossible (due to kernel modules), and complex services.
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