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!!! Over 200,000 VM activations !!!
We wanted to say "Thank You" to the community for choosing for your pre-installed VirtualBox VDIs
Over the past 5 years we have provided CLEAN easy to access VirtualBox VMs to the public.

All Free VDI Downloads
For the past year all new posted VMs are available FREE of charge. We are going to continue as long as we can to provide the VMs for FREE.

The Cost of operating while providing VDIs for FREE
Our hosting provider HostGator, decided that we were generating too much traffic for their Unlimited Plan. So we had to find another affordable provider and quickly found there was no such thing.

Our new provider is substantially more expensive than HostGator's $11.99/month. We now have 1Tb of online storage that should last another year or two. But this is very costly.

Covering the Cost of Operation
Unfortunately we had to bring in some revenue to cover the costs. We found "" while browsing

We now have our own section setup on Tradepub.
Tradepub provides FREE eBooks, Guides and Whitepapers on various subjects from many different fields. Every time someone downloads a publication we earn a little bit.
This works out great because many of the publications are directly related to Linux, Computers, and Networking. We are sure you will find a publication or two that interest you. And want to thank you in advance for helping support our efforts to continue to provide FREE VM downloads.

Making the site respond better and adding SSL
Recently we have joined CloudFlare to provide site caching and SSL support for the site. With CloudFlares site caching pages load much faster, making it easier to use our site.

Online Chat Support
When possible, we activate the online chat, available in the lower corner of the web page
This FREE service is provided by We would like to upgrade the service to the PRO plan. This would allow us to handle more than one chat at a time with multiple support operators.
If you see that we are online, pop in and say hello. We would love to hear from you.

Trustworthy has been online for nearly 6 years providing VirtualBox VDIs. We believe we have done all we can to prove ourselves as trustworthy to the community.
All of the VM are built in house, by me! We do not accept VM created by third parties. There is just no way to verify the integrity of the VMs.
The modifications we make from the standard install are minimal:
Desktop VM modifications are to change change the start page of the browser to point to our start page.
On Server VMs we install WebMin and add a CRON job to call the start page on our site "On-Boot"

Social Connection
Facebook: ... 8329313110
Google+ Communities: ... 6193235251

Thank you again for choosing
A Special thanks to the VirtualBox developers for all their hard work.
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