Digium boards for Asterisk on a guest OS

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Digium boards for Asterisk on a guest OS

Postby jeffsto » 19. Jul 2008, 23:05

i'm looking to run Virtualbox and have to guest operating systems running. I plan to run Vyatta on one and Gentoo/Asterisk on the other. I was wondering if Virtualbox has support for the Digium boards? I'm sure i'll get to the point were I would like to connect my home phone to my Asterisk box and I just want to know up front if it is supported.

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Postby mthode » 20. Jul 2008, 00:51

zaptel uses exact timing from the kernel, While you can run it in a VM (don't know about the VM accessing the hardware) it can skip easily. Even then I would only run it in a Beefy server with hardware visualization (like intel VT). I don't know if clock drift issues have been fixed in VMs but that is going to be them main problem aside from the VM accessing the hardware.
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Postby stony999 » 21. Jul 2008, 15:50

I ran Asterisk (only SIP) in VirtualBox and this is not convincing. There are a number of dropouts in the calls and when playing sound files. So I would not even recommend running Asterisk in any virtual macine.

Freeswitch (www.freeswitch.org/) however produced actually much better results. If the server's load is not too high, the sound quality is fine. But documentation for freeswitch is very limited right now.
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